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(   D Scanning)

Our Company tries to make projects run more efficiently and easier to manage by using 3D Scanning. By implementing 3D scanning we intend to improve production, accelerate communication and save cost. One of the many benefits of utilizing 3D Scanning Services can be measured in the amount of money that can be saved on different projects. There are 5 ways to save AEC industry money by using 3D scanning are;

  • Weeks worth of work can be done in days - 3D scanning helps us to measure large space or highly decorative facade in small fraction of time. This means fewer hours on-site, less manpower wasted and no missing information.                                                                                                               

  • Level of Accuracy- 3D scanning has high definition line-of-sight laser and high-resolution camera in which 10,000 sq.f space can be measured with ⅛” of accuracy or better. This reveals deviation from design and flaw in construction and it prevents it from happening and it could help us to reduce a huge amount of cost.                                                                                                                           

  • Ability to Scan Building While occupied - 3D scanning can take place after hours which does not affect the day to day routine of workers. Scan data can be used to recreate buildings digitally, which eliminates the need to visit the site multiple times.                                                                           

  • Early Decision making Prior to Design Planning-  At the beginning of any project due to unknown reasons, the Project gets delayed on the site which costs 12-15% of total cost of the project. With 3D Scanning, the cost can be reduced to 1-3% since scanning provides a tremendous amount of information early in the beginning stage itself.                                                                                                     

  • Speed up project completion -  The main goal of our company is to complete the project quickly with accuracy and reduce the cost of the project and make a profit. Since 3D scanning is used The  as-built is submitted to the AEC Professional in which they can only focus on design instead of wasting time and resources measuring and developing the existing condition of the project Laser Scanning technology allows for clearer vision of the project and more confident decision to be  made in the early stage of the design process itself to save money in the long term.

We can create a point cloud as simple or complex as the customer requirement and Our point cloud creates accurate models for as-built purposes as well as for refurbishment and renovation projects, We also provide solutions in enabling coordination of existing structure with a new one or to create a topographic map of the data for the retrofitting of facilities.

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