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BIM enables digital design-to-fabrication workflows for all building disciplines. A pipe spool drawing is a useful MEP tool for plumbers as it enables them to understand how to assemble a pipe spool and its components. And it also provides all the information required for fabrication manufacturing and assembly pipe spool drawings ensure that nothing goes wrong And makes sure time and money are not misspent. Pre_Fabrication helps our contractors to improve quality, handle materials and reduce construction cost.

Our Fabrication Cad Spool Drawing Services,

  • Graphics

  • Bill of Materials

  • Title Block

  • Pipe Size and Cut Length

  • With Item Numbering

  • With Material Description

  • With Pipe Bending Data

  • With a List of Pipe Pieces

Our engineering team has many years of experience producing accurate Shop and Fabrication drawings across multiple trades and We also ensure that the drawings are delivered as per the industry standards and appropriate formats & layouts as required by the client.

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